Natural pine chinchilla and hamster ledge/tunnel hidey house.
All natural accessories that are ideal for chinchillas, hamsters and any other small animals. Included in the package will be two shelves and one tunnel style hidey house.
The ledges and base of the house are all made with 20mm thick untreated pinewood, making them both sturdy and safe to be chewed.
The house has one opening in the front and is open both ends, it can be multi-purpose as a play tunnel, or can be used as a dark area to rest in.
All parts come with fixings ready to easily attatch onto the side of the cage.  if you would prefer the house to come without fixings so it can simply sit on the floor of the cage, please mention in the notes when ordering.
length: 19cm
Width: 9cm
Length:  15cm
Width: 9.5cm

All items pictured are prototypes, items are made to order. if you would like a custom order, please get in contact to arrange.

Chinchilla ledge and house SET OF THREE

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